Case study 13:

Shaping that manicured path


Being real
(really reasonable)

with Mary Hable & Atlee Treasure

rarely reasonable.png

nil or minimal

nil: 0 - 3 servings / year

minimal: 1 serving / week

sometimes reasonable.png


moderation: 3 - 5 servings / week

totally reasonable.png


 or excessiveness

everyday: 5 - 7 servings / week

excessiveness: multiple servings, everyday


food choice

what matters

leafy greens

1.2 excessiveness is reasonable.png
  • leaves compared to stems or roots:

leaves = more sunlight = more photosynthesis = more micronutrients

onions & other root vegetables

1.2 excessiveness is reasonable.png
  • micronutrient dense
  • calorie sparse

apples & other fruit

2 everyday is reasonable.png
  • colorful fruits = micronutrient variety

bacon, sausage, & other processed red meats

5 nil - minimal.png
  • a source of complete protein and essential micronutrients

  • bacon and other processed red meats are classified by the WHO as Group 1 carcinogens: having convincing evidence of being cancer causing based on epidemiological studies

  • sausages are red meat: typically pork, beef, or veal

cheese & other dairy

3 nil - moderation.png
  • a non-essential part of a complete wholesome diet
  • if dairy is well-tolerated, especially milk and yogurt can be a potent source of complete, non-meat protein
  • low-fat, low-calorie options are usually easily available


2 everyday is reasonable.png

NY strip steak & other unprocessed meat cuts

4 moderation.png
  • Unprocessed meat is likely safer than processed meat. Reported from the WHO, there’s limited evidence from epidemiological studies showing positive associations between eating unprocessed red meat and developing cancer.
  • Fat content is a reasonable consideration in different cuts of meat: more intramuscular fat (flecks of fat within the meat) make for a higher grade, more tender, more flavorful cut. Higher fat content will also raise total calorie content.

bone broth

3 nil - moderation.png
  • a non-essential source of electrolytes and other micronutrients
  • a form of interacting with food that promotes primal confidence and respect to caveman ancestors
  • not a potent source of building blocks for collagen or bone health



6 nil.png
  • reasonable for children’s parties and teaching necessary life experiences of dealing with a sugar high

canned beans

4 moderation.png
  • a convenient and lean option for complete plant protein
  • during intermittent periods of reduced carbs or keto diet, having convenient bean options can be a distraction to short-term goals