Leadership Training on Effective Philanthropy

Key concepts for corporate education


Training for organizational leaders is beneficial beyond only philanthropy, it's

a decision-making criteria with universal applications.


Goals of training


In the short-term,
Provide interactive training to strengthen understanding on how
Effective Philanthropy aligns with company goals and purpose.


Including guiding conversations on,

1) Evaluating the current values, decision-making, and
prioritization framework of the organization,

2) Aligning intention with global impact.


In the longer-term,
Provide talking points, resources, and on-going support for leadership
on maintaining expertise and engagement in effective giving.


are you interested
in bringing training to your company?

Example outline of topics


overview and history of philanthropy

Notable lessons, case studies, current state of philanthropy


Why do I care about philanthropy?

How philanthropy fits in to the big picture,
and how it's central to corporate goals


What is effective philanthropy?

Evidence-backed, transparent, with maximum impact;
Intentional, Informed, Impactful


What are the main decision-making criteria
of effective philanthropy?

Cost-effectiveness, neglectedness, room for funding, scalability, tractability;
Endorsements by partners like GiveWell, ImpactMatters, Poverty Action Lab, Stanford Social Innovation Review


Case studies

GiveDirectly's direct cash transfer cost-effectiveness baseline


How does my company view its circle of compassion?

How to apply the theory of radical empathy


How can effective philanthropy fit
with my company's current giving partners?

Effective philanthropy allows for subjectivity and adaptability to unique corporate interests


Effective Philanthropy
is giving that's,


with a clear problem and solution


acting based on sound evidence


supporting people and organizations with the greatest proven impact


What is the cost?

The minimum is $0,
only the cost of 1-2 hours of your leaders' time and attention


The Life You Can Save takes $0 commission on training.

Companies have the option of using the training as an actionable decision-making session,
and to make a real $ donation to a selected non-profit as an outcome.

In the past,
companies have donated $1k - $5k to the non-profit selected through the training.


“If we want to change the world,
we should invest in the people who already are”

- Melinda Gates


The facilitators

Non-profit leaders trained and credentialed through the private-sector.


Executive director

With a PhD in Social and Clinical Psychology, Charlie became Director of Behavioral Medicine for The CA School of Professional Psychology, Fresno (CSPP-F), where he was a full-time professor and founder of a teaching clinic for treating anxiety & stress disorders.

In the private-sector, he's spent over 15-years as an Executive of the Men's Warehouse, where he served as President until 2008.

He stepped-down to work directly on social and economic issues, especially wealth inequality. In 2013, he founded TLYCS with philosophy professor Peter Singer. Together they've developed the organization from the ground-up.

COO, Director of Education

Jon's experience is of 10 years of the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, focusing on risk management, portfolio optimization, and algorithm development.

He's served on the board of directors for GiveWell, a widely-respected charity evaluator.


 are you interested
in bringing training to your company?