before all of this …

was a bachelors degree in applied economics,
five years of corporate environmental sustainability —
with Kohl’s Department Stores and Brooks Running Co.


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To create meaningful change, apparel brands need to pursue sustainability at the industry level

Investment in industry-level research and development can give consumers a meaningful metric of sustainability.


In conversation with ... Mary Hable

Mary Hable, formally of Kohl's and Brook's Running, suggests using a financial metric could help the apparel industry reach sustainability goals.

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Foundations have keys to sustainable future

Through grant-making, foundations have assumed a responsibility in leading the vital work of global humanitarian development. Sustainability analyst, Mary Hable, formally of Kohl's and Brooks Running, looks at what this means for sustainability in the apparel sector.


Vipassana Meditation: A how-to guide to experiencing being human

In assessing progress, maybe the best question isn’t, “Are you doing meditation right?”. The better question may be, “are you satisfied with this human experience?”. If not, clearing the filter of internal awareness is the tool to change it.

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Nutrition coaching: why it works

Food is often the human body’s most direct driver of energy, motivation, and behaviors. To lack competence in how different types of foods are affecting those outcomes can be a risky way to live. It leaves a dichotomy of either guessing and hoping, or avoiding making food decisions entirely until frenzied hunger makes the decisions for you. Both options are scary.

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Emergent curriculum: For anyone who considers themselves a student of life

A coaching environment that treats every individual as unique and competent encourages those individuals to live up to that perspective. This is key for sustaining motivation outside of a coached environment, into life where self-talk constantly challenges a students’ habits to be their own empowerment coach.


video produced by Kevin Hales, Studio Cetacide


Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics
Minor in Communication Studies, Sep 2007 - Dec 2010
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, MN

Certified Yoga Teacher, Seattle Yoga Arts
Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified Nutrition Coach, Precision Nutrition
Functional Movement Screen, Level 1 Certified Specialist